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Thread: FT's are academic frauds

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    Default FT's are academic frauds

    Gong Li, Charmaine Sheh exposed as academic frauds

    <CITE> - <ABBR class=timedate title="Wednesday, July 28">Wednesday, July 28</ABBR></CITE>

    <CITE class=caption>Gong Li, Charmaine Sheh exposed as academic frauds</CITE>

    In this era where information retrieval becomes increasingly easy, lying about your qualifications is risky. Especially when you are a public figure.
    Hong Kong celebrity Charmaine Sheh's school, International Hotel Management Institute, was blasted as 'garbage' by netizens, as the school apparently only had 200 students in total.
    Superstar Gong Li was found guilty of a similar fraudulent act a few years ago.
    While the actress claims to be a graduate of Beijing University, she turned out to have only taken a self-study Sociology course there.
    When Gigi Leung first rose to fame, she claimed to be student-singer with high qualifications. Reports later revealed that Gigi only studied for two years at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and she did not even graduate.
    Apparently, not only Hong Kong and China stars were said to commit academic fraud. Korean actress Son Ye Jin claimed to be a graduate from Seoul Institute of the Arts.
    The truth?
    She was expelled by the school after merely a year of study there.

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    Default Re: FT's are academic frauds

    Sinkieland even more garang, we import these frauds by the truckloads and call them FTs.
    Less than 20% of the population in my country are foreigners and they must live here for 5 years continuously before they can become citizens.

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    Default Re: FT's are academic frauds

    Wonder what Gong Li filled in for education in her citizenship application ?

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    Default Re: FT's are academic frauds

    Well that's alright. Foreigners are usually like that. Anyway they are celebrities now, and so what does it matter about what the masses say about where they actually studied?

    As usual their spokespersons would do the necessary damage control.

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