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Thread: Rony Tan reveals: 'sorry' is one of his 3 options

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    Default Rony Tan reveals: 'sorry' is one of his 3 options

    I believe the Rony Tan episode should close.

    But having read ST report his public statement after ISD kopi-session to his church members - mind you - a prepared statement, I find the contents revealing his classic Freudian slips.

    Rony tan told his flock .... errors to be rectified not justified. Atta boy ! sounds good.

    Later on, he shared:-
    "When it first happened, I mentally planned 3 steps:-
    (1) sincerely confess & repent
    (2) bravely face all consequences from authorities
    (3) after paying my dues, depart from the very nation I love"

    After much struggle, I decided to be true to my heart, because SIngapore is my home, no matter what."

    A church member interviewed later said, she was moved to tears by the sincerity of her pastor.

    How ironic !

    To me, his sharing of his 3 options is a significant Freudian slip.

    If his remorse is sincere, it must be a case of spontaneous realization of his errors & the offence done leading to his contrite apology. That's true sincerity.

    But here, in Rony tan's own words, he weighed & calculated.

    Should he eat humble pie, confess, apologise or
    Stick to his guns, face off to ISD or
    pay fine/ jail whatever then leave Singapore (like Francis Seow/Devan Nair)

    Kudos to him, his love for Singapore swings the decision for him.

    The cynic will say : what's the alternative ? if he takes option (2) & (3), what will happen to his 12k strong membership base ? His 2 children are high level executives/pastors in his organization - how to abandon them ?

    So all in all, option (1) is the wisest & expedient choice.

    I say Rony Tan's apology should be accepted & let's move on.

    But set the record straight - 'to be sorry' was just one of 3 options to Rony Tan at that time.

    So much for true remorse & honest enlightenment. sigh..

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    Default Re: Rony Tan reveals: 'sorry' is one of his 3 options

    A church member interviewed later said, she was moved to tears by the sincerity of her pastor.
    Another fucking crocodile's tear.

    Atonement for him is to become a Buddhist monk but the Buddhists say "FUCK OFF."
    Don't even come near...

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    Default Re: Rony Tan reveals: 'sorry' is one of his 3 options

    It is his choice. If you do not like it, you do not need to attend his church. As for his thinking process, everyone has one.

    As for loyalty to Singapore, each has his/her concepts of loyalty. For me, my most basic question is 'what is singapore?' A piece of land, a nation, a corporation? Definitely a piece of land. A nation - uncertain on this. A corporation - possibly.

    How about other definitions?

    A wealth fund? A boiling pot?

    Of all these, loyalty to Singapore exists only if you are loyal to Singapore as a citizen to his nation. This concept is not without irony because we are asking other nationals to come to us and be loyal to us. What price loyalty then?

    Which brings back the question: What is a Singaporean? Something that has been much discussed elsewhere.
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