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Thread: Won 154th Best Blog Award!

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    Default Won 154th Best Blog Award!

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR>First S'pore Blog Awards given out
    </TR><!-- headline one : end --><!-- show image if available --></TBODY></TABLE>

    <!-- START OF : div id="storytext"--><!-- more than 4 paragraphs -->A MARATHON runner and a full-time mathematics tutor are among the winners of the first Singapore Blog Awards.
    The awards, organised by Singapore Press Holdings' bilingual web portal, aim to showcase bloggers' creativity, and to popularise the form.
    Mathematics tutor Loi Wai Ling, 33, won the Best Blog Shop award for her blog,
    Unlike many blog shops which sell accessories and clothing, hers sells sets of exam questions.
    Engineering student and marathoner Shaun Chng, 24, won for having the Best Design.
    In all, 1,000 blogs were considered, and 10 were shortlisted in each of the seven categories: Best Youth Blog, Photo Blog, Design Blog, Individual Blog, Blog Shop, and Most Entertaining and Most Insightful blogs.
    The winners received trophies and a laptop computer. They were given their prizes at a ceremony held at the Asian Civilisations Museum last night. GRACE CHUA

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    Default Re: Won 154th Best Blog Award!

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    Default Re: Won 154th Best Blog Award!

    The Sunday Times
    June 15, 2008
    Maths guru 'saves' kids
    A poster in the room at Goldhill Centre reads: 'Miss Loi's temple, enter and be saved.'
    Joss Sticks is the name of Ms Celine Loi's tuition centre, where at least 20 students walk in every weekend to work on their maths. The full-time tutor of eight years has about 80 students under her charge now, each paying $60 a lesson.
    The maths guru earns a five-figure monthly income from tutoring. News of her centre spread by word of mouth and also through her website (
    The interactive webpage of the 33-year-old, who is single, is laced with humour. For example, students can avail themselves of her services for the 'effective prevention of last-minute Buddha foot-hugging syndrome', a Chinese idiom for last-minute exam cramming.
    Ms Loi also sells exam papers at about $60 a subject on her site.
    The maths graduate from the National University of Singapore has at least 10 students on her waiting list now.
    She also has no qualms in 'sacking' any student. 'I tell those who refuse to work hard and do not need tuition not to come back,' she said.
    Her 'favourite' ones are those with an F9 grade. Every year, a month before the final exams, Ms Loi gets SOS messages from at least 10 such students.
    'I had students who scored less than 10 marks for their preliminary exams and ended up with an A in the O-level exams,' she said.
    Ms Loi typically has a 3 to 10pm workday. On school holidays and weekends, she works from 8am to 10pm. But when the exams draw nearer, she works past 11pm at times.
    'Sometimes, I get gastric pains because I don't have time for meals,' she said. 'I also don't have much personal time.'
    Copyright © 2007 Singapore Press Holdings. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement & Condition of Access

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    Default Re: Won 154th Best Blog Award!

    she forget to calculate the costs of her tution business is the complete discharge of her eggs into the drain.

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