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Thread: A Singaporean in Australia - Against the Herd

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    Default Re: A Singaporean in Australia - Against the Herd

    Quote Originally Posted by krafty View Post
    actually hor... i met quite a few elderly AMDK aussies and they told me that Oz is no longer the place they used to know. life was much better during their time. nowadays, far too many crazy migrants. They dun even have to lock their door when they go to bed at night.
    And with more fuckwits like you, they must be lamenting why can't they bring back gun laws and help put you out of your misery.
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    Default Re: A Singaporean in Australia - Against the Herd

    Quote Originally Posted by MadrigalWheel View Post
    Good or for you. Met up with an old classmate in Perth recently and he's been there for 10+ years.

    In in our conversation, he recounted how his first years were painful as it took him a while to adjust to their culture. But now he leads a life many Singaporeans envy but won't understand. On the surface, his investments are doing well, quite a few properties, new cars for him and his wife, kids doing well in secondary school, family actively volunteers in church and still gets to spend time every weekend with the family.

    His secret? Oz made him realise that the Singaporean pursuit of material happiness was just that, a perpetual pursuit. As soon as he learn to let that go, he realised how people started to see the "real" person he was and it was just a matter of time when people started to like the person he was and it made it easier to know people and get around.

    Needless to say, that must have helped him network, but at least it was the real him doing so and not a chore to maintain that facade of success so many Singaporeans nowadays pretend to be just to impress.

    But like I said, a Singaporean like me will envy, but can never fully appreciate this enough to achieve this state of confidence, self awareness and peace of mind. Even now, I can't fully describe it, it is almost oxymoronic to say that he succeeded financially just by being content????
    I've been contented a long long time now here. I think most won't understand or appreciate from the simple fact that its the environment. Which is why moving out is such a hard and difficult decision for many. I've said many times before and I'll repeat it here. Singapore is like the MATRIX. Once it get hold of you, its hard to let go. Your mind is tied to it, or at least your mind thinks it is dependent on it. Having said that, I'll wait a while, looks like property prices might actually correct after 25 years of growth in Sydney.

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