Local sporns should volunteer themselves to get retrenched so Ft workers can get jobs here and feed their families.

Ft workers got no huge GST credits local singaporeans are enjoying, besides, PAP MPs are giving up vouchers and cash to those who need help.

Just look at the PRC workers, China is enjoying good economy and yet these PRCs sacrifice themselves to come singapore to work as labourers and seow er( coffeeshop hands). They can easily earn more than working in singapore.

So local sporns should be touched by their courage to come here to help employers cutting costs.

Retrenched sporns got free training, free meals at soup kitchens and also got god- sent PAP to help---no money, go see PAP MPs.

Or retrenched sporns can play ping pong and billards for familee.

Local sporns serve NS and are second -class citizens ,should be automatic, give way to FTs, singapore does not belong to local sporns, it is a global village, so know your status as second -class citizens.

Vote for PAP, and we should support Foreigners- first policy, second-class citizens queue loong loong but go NS first.

Please spread the words, help the FT workers, local sporns are second class.
Accept this policy, life will be happier though you see the island is drifting away.

oppo parties should convince local voters to accept "local sporns are second class policy , and life will be happy"