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This is nothing to do with you getting into legal trouble. It is everything about preventing this from becoming another 3-in-1 kopitiam with richard wan's unique brand of intolerance and bigotry overwhelming any and all reasoned discourse or even just simple chit chatting. I think with 13 years of forum hosting under your belt and even more years trolling newsgroups you'd know that in this line you have to nip the problem in the bud. Without volunteers like Scroo and company stepping in to save the forum in 2009, Bob Sim would have razed it to the ground. Don't let that happen again.
Get your head out of your ass. Everybody is free to post what he feels like. Btw if you don't know much about 3 in 1 pls don't comment on it. It's choke full of trolls over there but i don't complain and i never did cos i know how to discern who and who not to respond to.