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Thread: Taiwan's state subsidized political campaigns

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    Sunday, January 15, 2012
    Taiwan's state subsidized political campaigns
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    宋林票未達5% 拿不回保證金
    <cite class="byline vcard">中央社 – <abbr title="2012-01-15T13:00:56Z">2012年1月15日 下午9:00</abbr></cite>

    (中央社記者蔡和穎台北15日電)大選落幕,親民黨宋林配獲得36萬9588票,未達法定總統副總統選舉經 費補貼門檻,登記參選時繳交的新台幣1500萬元保證金,也因得票數不足選舉人總數5%,依法 將不予發還。
    當選的中國國民黨正副總統候選人馬英九及吳敦義,依得票數初步估算將可獲約2億673萬餘元;民主進步黨候 選人蔡英文及蘇嘉全可獲1億8280萬餘元;2組候選人也得領回當初繳交的1500萬元保證金
    中央選舉委員會秘書長鄧天祐今天表示,中選會將在19日召開委員會議,審定第13任總統副總統選舉及第8屆 立法委員當選人名單,同時也將公布總統立委選舉候選人及政黨競選費用補貼金額。
    總統副總統選舉罷免法規定,各組候選人選舉得票數達當選票數1/3以上者,應補貼其競選費用,每票補貼30元,最高額不得超過中選會公布的正副總統同組候選人競選經費最高 金額4億2463萬4000元,政黨推薦候選人補貼費用應由推薦政黨領取。
    政黨補助金部分,公職人員選舉罷免法規定,全國不分區及僑居國外國民立法委員選舉政黨得票率達5%以上者,應補貼該政黨競選 費用,每年每票補貼50元。
    根據中選會公布全國不分區及僑居國外國民選舉結果,國民黨得票率44.5465%,民進黨34.6178% ,台聯8.9566%,親民黨5.486%,都跨越政黨補助門檻可獲補貼。
    初步估算,國民黨將可獲補助約2.9億餘元,民進黨可獲約2.3億餘元,親民黨可得約3600萬元,台聯黨 可獲5900萬元。
    區域及原住民立委部分,在現行單一選區制度下,當選人得票數達選舉區當選票數1/3以上者,依法應補貼競選費用,每票補貼30元,最高額不得超過各選舉區候選人競選經費最高金額 。1010115(圖為親民黨候選人敗選後向支持者鞠躬,中央社檔案照片)

    According to the info above and according to the Taiwanese CEC (Central Electoral Committee - equivalent to Elections Department) briefings I attended years ago as a member of international electoral observation group. The law specified a provision for state to subsidise electoral candidates and parties in their political campaign expenses. For parliamentary election, each candidate who won at least 5% of votes get NT$50 per year for each vote won, to assist the politicians to run their political campaigns.

    I had not attended any Taiwanese CEC briefings on Presidential Election, but according to the article above, presidential candidates gets NT$30 per vote won provided their vote is not lower than 33%. There are also equivalent subsidies for other elections such as county magistrates and mayors and city council and even village level elections.

    On the exact and strongest contrary the famiLEE LEEgime in Singapore implemented notorious Political Donation Act to kerb opposition politicians from getting a decent campaign funded by their own supporters & electorates. And under the law anything above S$5000 get eaten by that state, and if not declared the candidate will be disqualified for 5 years.

    Needless to say, the corrupt selfish and coward famiLEE LEEgime ought to be punished for legislating against the common principal and practise in their wicked schemes to keep themselves in power. This is just an example feature of famiLEE LEEgime rules.

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