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  1. Re: How Rev Kong Hee got his doctorate to be called Dr Kong Hee

    Wow .... you mean all Con Hee need to do is attend "Seminar" for those few years from 1989-1991 to get a Master
    and from 1993-1995 to get a Doctor subsequently?
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    Re: Why always the lady boss take control?

    My sales director is a lady.
    She's a "kan jiong queen" and always like to push things around.

    I've been tolerating her for quite a while but i'm not sure how long i can "tahan".
    One fine day if...
  3. Re: China Wine MV Converted Over A Million Infidels Into Christians!

    Well ..... if you are really such a fanatic of that "China Whore + Con Hee" tag team and I'm not saying you aren't, hee hee ..... you would have be able to speak in tongues like what they pretend to...
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    Re: FCBC similar to CHC?

    Unfortunately, there are just too many fools chosen not to wake up from being foolish.

    They never fail to fall under the following category of "rational thinking fools" and willing to part with...
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    Re: For Spiritual Stuff Only

    In my humble opinion, both the father and daughter's magic trick performance cannot make it big to America.
    They can only perform and get some recognition in Asia market only.

    Mediacorpse not...
  6. Re: How far can money get you in the music industry?

    Olivia Ong so stunning also cannot become a singer in Taiwan, Japan or even America.

    That Sun HOrse definitely 100% cannot make it. But she always got this "star dream" and thought she can really...
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    FCBC similar to CHC?

    For those who have been to FCBC, probably they are no angel as well.

    One use $$$ to support a "singer's career" while the other use $$$ to support a "magician's career"?
  8. Re: How far can money get you in the music industry?

    This Ang Mor even though knows jackass, he is absolutely right if we think about what he says rationally.
    Olivia Ong also cannot make it big in Taiwan and Japan. She eventually lan lan has to come...
  9. Re: How far can money get you in the music industry?

    Soon ..... she will be busy buttering her butt for the buzz.
  10. Re: More Singaporeans marrying and having children later as birth rate continues to p

    The MIWs simply either refuse to confront the fundamental issues of "job stability" or chosen to act blur on this "bread and butter issue".
    By importing so many FTs in, are they 100% sure there will...
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    Re: Kong Hee Fatt Choy's wife in the video

    This one shows her real face.

    <iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"...
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    Re: Walau! This shitty video costs 28 million?

    This one you maybe able to see her neh neh.

    <iframe width="640" height="390" src=""...
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    Re: Walau! This shitty video costs 28 million?

    This one with the Holy Wood backdrop is the classic.

    <iframe width="640" height="390" src=""...
  14. Re: Breaking News!Pastor Kong Hee And Pastors Arrested And Charge!

    This is what may happen when one tries to push his/her luck too far.

    You may be lucky once, twice or thrice when it comes to fate.
    But when one plays with fire too often, he/she will get...
  15. Re: There is nothing wrong in giving blow jobs - Cecilia Sue

    Sex always sell for woman especially in the corporate world where they are so hungry for power and $$$.

    Sue: Hi SCDF chief, how's my proposal for your tender?
    SCDF: Hmm .... as a scholar you...
  16. Re: What is the Value Add of Lim Boon Heng to Temasick Holdings?

    LBH after gotten his butt kicked out from GE2011 realized that he has got no where to go in the "Private world".
    He got no other choice but resort to cry all the way back to LHL asking for a post in...
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    China Brand Dual SIM Android Phone

    I'm considering getting a China brand Dual SIM Android Smartphone.

    If you happen to own one, please recommend the following:
    1) Which China Brand?
    2) Which Model?
    3) What Price?
    4) Where you...
  18. Strong chemicals smell and taste in our drinking water?

    Have you guys noticed the strong chemical smell and taste in our drinking water for the past few days?
    Yes, it's a mixture of recycle sewage water, fresh water and also those processed from our sea...
  19. Re: Investing in Singaporean Babies & the Country's long term future

    There's two Goh in the MIW family. If you are referring to Goh KS, his style of getting things done is mostly forward looking targeting for long term results. However when it comes to Goh CT, his...
  20. Re: Investing in Singaporean Babies & the Country's long term future

    All the policies made by those MIWs are only quick fix solution based on short term gains.
    They do not have the patience to wait for long term results.
    Giving excuses of low birth rate to import...
  21. Re: Serious Discussion(No TCSS) - FTs, Whats Your Take On Them

    To prove what you think is right, would you dare to quit your current IT job without finding one and try hunting for a new IT post again?
    This will give you a real feel of a pinch on how difficult...
  22. Re: Serious Discussion(No TCSS) - FTs, Whats Your Take On Them

    Hahaha .... let me guess, our full time "Mr Advise or Advice" will claim that we can easily build a bigger boat.
    But the fact is we are just a small little red dot. Hong Kong is also jam packed but...
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    Re: T.T. Durai Is Back

    Simply because this shit skin snake has close relationship with the MIWs especially to woody Goh and his peanut butter lady.
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    Re: Labor day msg is insulting to workers!

    Peasants forever stuck at low wages, MIWs forever can justify for high wages
    One "low wage policy", double standard double practice.
  25. Re: Why are there so many foreigner job applicants?

    You tell me honestly lar. If you are married with a house and kids, can you make ends meet with $1500 without much increment for the next few years?

    You may not believe it, there are even real...
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